The undisputed necessity for transformation of the traditional methodology of education in the 21st century – a century of swift development of technology – also led to the necessity for founding our Online Academy for German Language and Culture.

akademieDSК is an educational centre specializing in German and Macedonian as foreign languages. We took on the challenge for an active effort to digitalize the entire catalogue for language services that we have offered on the market for more than 10 years with the sole goal of retaining the known quality of our services as best as we can.

The advantages of online education:

  • A wide array of courses: From our diverse array of courses for German and Macedonian for foreigners for different ages and of varying intensity, choose the one that best satisfies your needs and wishes.
  • Access to materials: The course materials are available for use in electronic form at all times.
  • Different ways of communicating with the teacher: In contract to traditional education, our online courses offer an advantageous flexibility in terms of the communication with the teachers. You can choose between e-mail, live chat and a forum to get a fast response.
  • Freedom of choice of place and atmosphere: You get to choose the place and atmosphere of the classes according to your learning style to optimize your ability to concentrate.
  • Online courses contributes to environmental protection, while also letting you save money on gas and car maintenance. Most importantly, you have time to spare for learning when you don’t spend hours in traffic.
  • You develop self-discipline: Without the obligation of attending a specific course at a specific time and on a set location, you would be required to develop abilities for time management, from which you can profit in every aspect of your life.
  • You develop further computational abilities with the usage of newer platforms.Would you like to begin with your online-course? Apply TODAY for a first lesson free of charge!

What can you expect from akademieDSК?

Quality and innovation in the implementation of our activities are an integral part of our offer and our continuous challenge. Your akademieDSК has developed a system for control of the highest quality.

In the courses, our professionals use the most modern and up-to-date materials with topics in accordance with the Common European Reference Framework, adapted for use as technical tools. The students acquire language abilities necessary for everyday use as well as professionally on all levels – A1 to C1 – and practice them with specific examples from the most important aspects of communication

akademieDSК online courses

настава во реално време - флексибилно – индивидуално – интензивно

You enjoy learning from home or even on the road, but don’t want to give up on the competent teachers and the group interaction? Our online courses combine efficient learning with flexibility in terms of the place and the professional and private obligations of the students

Acquisition of knowledge and skills in the foreground

Our interactive learning model is based upon your goals in order to enhance your motivation through an individual and positive approach to the interests and distinctive features of each of our students.

Our success is no coincidence, but the result of planned, motivated and dedicated cooperation.

Learning in a group at akademieDSК is better than learning alone.

Numerous interactive exercises contribute to the collective success of the group and offer different possibilities for a stronger group identity.

  • We strengthen the sense of community
  • We respect each other
  • We respect the rules of the group.
  • We encourage teamwork and close contact between our students
  • We befriend and get to know each other!

Achieve your goals with akademieDSК!