For over 10 years, a continuous and intensive bilingual education for an early acquisition of German has also been included in our offer. In order to keep up with the 21st century, but also to offer an alternative to direct learning in times of a health crisis, we have develop our VIRTUAL CLASSROOM for your loved ones

German-speaking ONLINE-Daycare

The German-language ONLINE is aimed at elementary school children (classes I through IV) and is organized in groups based on age.
The goal of the ONLINE Daycare is to offer children in their first school years an unrepeatable opportunity to acquire the German language to an almost native level, i.e. to accomplish a natural, fluent and free communication and a natural accent, as well as to think and recognize language forms in German. Furthermore, an active mental and cognitive development is also stimulated through the bilingual learning process

Teaching concept

The course program is in complete accord with the teaching units of every individual year in elementary schools, whereby the children acquire the material in the school subjects in Macedonian and German at the same time.
Numerous didactic, logical and creative tools are used in the execution of the activities with the goal to acquire functional knowledge and to stimulate associative thinking.
By the use of research methods, experiments, models and exercises for reciprocal learning, we aim to present all teaching units to the children in an exciting and interesting way. By the use of the most effective method – playing – studying can become a real source of enjoyment.

Daily activities

Participation in our virtual classroom depends on the school activities of the pupils. 150 Minutes have been planned for the learning units, as well as 60 Minutes for the German lesson, which are then divided modularly based on age (90 Minutes + 60 Minutes + 60 Minutes).